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Jirie, Bringing The Caribbean Home To You
From the Desk of Rohan McClure
Written on April 28, 2021
For all the people around the world who have tasted Caribbean cuisine and or fallen in love with the islanders cooking lifestyle using herbs and spices. To the people who dream of taking another bite of that amazing Jerk Chicken, they had at a Caribbean restaurant or on the streets of Jamaica fresh from the grill. For the Caribbean diaspora who are homesick and desperate for the authentic flavors of home, Jirie will “Bring The Caribbean Home To You“.

Those who dream about tasting a Caribbean island’s national dish like Jamaica’s ackee and saltfish or Trinidads callaloo- a type of seafood soup. With detailed recipes and videos, you can learn to make and savor the carnival of Caribbean flavors like a sweet, jammy Elena Ruz what Miamians call a Cuban Burger which involves a spicy beef-and-chorizo patty, topped with—wait for it—a mound of crunchy shoestring fries. Jirie Caribbean is all about bringing the best authentic taste from around the Caribbean islands right into your own kitchen.

                                                                            OUR MISSION
Our Mission is to exceed your expectations by creating and delivering a diversified portfolio of authentic, high-quality products, recipes, and knowledge from the Caribbean Islands. Our primary goal is to broaden your culinary insights and delight your palate with exciting and jazzy Caribbean cooking.

Your support and interests are what drives us to source the best ingredients, products, and recipes that will inspire you to create new and fun recipes right in your own kitchen. We aim to be “Your Trusted Source” in Caribbean cuisine ideas and be the go-to company for the best authentic taste of the islands.

Jirie Caribbean is committed to maintaining a positive, long-term relationship with our patrons and bridging the culinary gap between the Caribbean and the rest of the world. We plan to achieve this by providing content on healthy and authentic foods from the Caribbean while offering you “Flavorful Original Gourmet Seasoning” from the islands.

Each week, Jirie Caribbean will introduce a new dish and or base seasoning from one of the islands that will include the preparation methods, herbs, and spices necessary to inspire you to put your personal touch to your creations. With our extraordinary spice blends, our products will bring the sweet, authentic Caribbean taste to your kitchen and create the opportunity to surprise the taste buds of your friends and family.

Our intentions include the expansion of our local and global market leadership in the knowledge of Caribbean cuisine by developing and producing healthy, flavorful, high-quality Caribbean seasoning products. Our ingredients are mindfully sourced and our products are carefully hand-blended. Jirie Caribbean will not settle for anything less than the best for our clients and we welcome our clients to hold us to high expectations.

                                                                         OUR VISION
Our vision is to deliver the best Caribbean seasonings and products to that homesick Caribbean diaspora, to the home cook dreamers, and to the foodies all over the world. We will inspire a new generation of “Caribbean food connoisseurs” who will partner with us to discover and highlight the culinary treasures of each island. 

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Let’s grow a community of Caribbean Foodies!

Rohan McClure
Founder of JirieCaribbean.net
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